February 21, 2009 · i heart : Coraline

Amazing Visual Development work for Coraline by Jon Klassen, an astounding Canadian artist whose work should not be missed. See his full site here.

OMGAWD. The Handsome Guy and I just got back from seeing Coraline in Real 3-D and it was absolutely and utterly astounding. I cannot explain how good. Just promise me you will go see it! In 3-D. You have to see it in 3-D. I promise you, your jaw will bounce off your knees, upsetting your popcorn. And you won’t mind one bit. Warning though: I think the subject matter is too dark for children under eight, even though there were children younger than that in the theatre when we saw it.

wow. what an achievement. what an experience!

The official movie site: Click Here
Videos about the making of Coraline: Click Here

P.S. Sorry I have been so absent of late. Have been working day and night on a bear of a project and am swamped for the rest of the month. Today is the first whole day I’ve taken off in over two weeks and I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

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February 10, 2009 · Accidental Art: a series


I meant to post something different today, but is dark and wet and grey today and there is not enough light for me to get a good photo of that particular something (actually somethings with the mysterious and enticing s on the end). So instead, I’ll post the first of a series I’m starting for my own amusement: Accidental Art.

These are shots of my paint splattered drawing table. It’s an ever changing tableau of smears and drips and I noticed the other day that these “accidents” are often more evocative and beautiful then my intentional art. I guess that that statement of fact is kind of sad, but instead I chose to be glad that I have the power to spot the happy accidents and see the beauty in them. (woo hoo. Look at me being all Pollyanna and stuff! Take that February blahs!!)

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February 6, 2009 · packing a punch


Okay. I thought about just popping this baby in here and not making any comment whatsoever, leaving you all to muse quietly “um, has she lost it completely now? What in the name of all that is holy (right/crunchy/spackled with plaster/insert-your-own-word-here) is POW CORN?!!” But then something else prevailed (common sense? a Nor’ Easterly wind?) and I decided to explain it. This is a cheap and cheerful snack label I made yesterday for my client’s meeting, a meeting about an event which will be based on super heros and comic books. There is another one (Power Pellets!), but I prefer this one. It speaks to me. It says things which are rowdy, rambunctious, colourful and FUN. I haven’t had a whole lot of any of that in my life recently, but looking at this label, it makes me think that someday, maybe, when the stars align just right and the economy is restored and Britney Spears is a grandmother and there are leaves on trees and not just endless snow and cold, I just might get a handful of it (it being colourful POW CORN fun).

Also, I have discovered it is quite amusing to repeat POW CORN to your dog in various different inflections. It seems to make her really happy and waggy. Also seems to make her think that it’s time for a W-A-L-K or failing that, food. Not sure what the affect on cats would be, but if you have a cat immediately available to you and want to give it a go, be sure to report back with the results!

So there you have it. Hope your weekend is POWerful good fun, all.

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February 4, 2009 · fanciful fabulous Megan Bogonovich


It would be practically impossible to overstate how completely besotted I am with the ceramic stylings of Megan Bogonovich. I completely understand why all those beskirted women are trying to wiggle their way into her ceramic wonders. When I look at them, I am absolutely overcome with the mad desire to climb inside and set up home. I cannot thank Susan of Artstream Studios and Art Esprit enough for introducing Megan’s whimsical wonders to me. Or thank Susan enough for introducing her exceedingly wonderful self to me at Squam Art Workshops 2008 last September. Susan has a magical way of making my every day just that much brighter, lighter and hopeful.

More photos of Megan’s work on Susan’s Flickr site here and here While you’re there, make sure you check out Susan’s own wonderful work here

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February 2, 2009 · don’t let your feet touch the ground

I swear I am not trying to sell you anything, but I love this commercial. It was only shown in Canada, so a lot of you might never have seen it. I love the flavor of it, love the tune, the expression on her face, her braids, the way her feet never touch the ground. That’s my kinda kid. And you know, it’s the day after the Super Bowl (which I did not watch as I just don’t get football at all. Hockey, yes. Football, no.) and traditionally the day when everyone talks about the Super Bowl commercials
which of course air only in America and so it is sorta nice to have an only in Canada commercial to flaunt.

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