November 27, 2008 · small ways 2


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November 20, 2008 · small ways

I’m not a person easily moved by quotations, generally speaking. They smack too much of those hideously ubiquitous motivational posters you see hanging in the offices of P.R. people and car dealerships. But recently, I’ve been finding quotes with real resonance for me… this one in particular (via D. Sharp’s Practical Compendium of Random Things). I don’t know if you can read my scrawl clearly, but it is a quote from Edith Wharton:

In spite of illness, in spite of even the archenemy sorrow, one can remain alive long past the usual state of disintegration if one is unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things and happy in small ways.

I like to think that I am. That I am insatiably curious and interested in big things. And I am indeed happy in small ways. Really, I am. I know my grief has sort of taken over this journal lately, but I still remain happy in small ways.

These eggs, for instance. They make me happy. I am obsessed with these eggs. I take pictures of them all the time… this particular brand. I tell myself I buy them because they are supposedly free run, ethically raised eggs, but the real truth is I buy them because I love the color of them, a gorgeous gradation, the shape, even the clear carton they come packaged in.

Mindful of the small ways, I’ve started a photo collection of my Flickr page click here of the extraordinary everyday things and tasks and moments which make me happy. And that pursuit alone, in its small way, is helping me defeat the archenemy sorrow.

P.S. Lizardek, you will find Finny aplenty on my Flickr site too!! here! go here!

P.P.S. there is snow on the ground here today and that is making me happy too. Happy in that first snow kind of way that makes me want to bake chocolate chip cookies.

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November 17, 2008 · silver links

I have been thinking that acceptance is like a fine silver chain that I put on myself every day and take off every night. Sometimes it catches on the first try, the tiny clasp opening right under my fumbling thumb and the other side sliding neatly into place. Sometimes, most of the time, it does not. There are tears of frustration, gritted teeth, multiple attempts, fingers dumb, chain slipping, fragile glimmers dangling round my collar bone. Sometimes looking in the mirror helps, sometimes it just flips things around, complicates the task.

Sometimes it catches quickly, securely, for two, three mornings running. And I think I’m on a streak, that I’ve got the knack of it now. And then I lose it.

I miss you, Mom. I love you. As constant as the moon.

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November 13, 2008 · shameless self promotion


You know, for someone whose job it is to design/illustrate stuff that promotes events, products and people …. I really sort of suck at self promotion. I don’t know why that is exactly, but my friends**, I have got to change that! Over the next couple of months, I’m really going to focus my energies on that. I’n hard at work now on creating a new portfolio, stocked with my (air quotes) new style (end air quotes) and I’m going to start featuring more of my design work too.

But today, I’m going to flog myself in book form. About a little over a year ago, Danny Gregory, a creative genius I’ve admired for years and years, asked me to participate in his new project An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators, and Designers. The book is about to be released and can be pre-ordered from Amazon here. I was flattered and flabbergasted… and looking at this short film (click here) Danny made to promote the book, I am even more humbled and honored to be included with such incredible talent.

The book features the work of 50 artists of all walks of life, including big guns like James Jean and R.Crumb, plus pages from some of my lovely artist friends like Penelope Dullaghan, Rama Hughes, and Rama’s charming wife Christine Castro Hughes.

And if all THAT, doesn’t completely sell you on the book, perhaps my dulcet tones on this my first EVAH! podcast will. Warning: I was nervous and so my responses are uber-long and rambling as I am sadly wont to be. But endlessly fascinating, I assure you (ahem!). And Danny sounds like a smooth Jazz DJ and that’s a always a plus.

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November 5, 2008 · President

Yes! He did!!!

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