July 2, 2008 · shea…bedazzling


This is Shea, my parents’ Mahogany Sable Collie, and yes, he is aware of just how beautiful he is. This dog was born to be photographed, I swear. Just ask him. He loves to pose. He is like the Tyra Banks of the canine set. Swing the camera lens his direction and he immediately flops one ear tip down, holds the other one impossibly straight, knowing that it is this ear posture more than anything that makes him excruciatingly adorable. Then he’ll give you his elegant profile, the “noble beast” pose. He’s something, this dog. He’s a wonder.

Sending out the most positive, hopeful vibes for my mother this morning, and all the love and strength and courage I can muster. This is the day when better starts, Mom. Today we are turning a corner and things are going to start going our way. I just know it.

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