June 1, 2008 · a profusion of pretty and a prayer for healing


O, lovelies. My parents are both going thru an extraordinarily tough time, each dealing with individual health problems and I am flying out on Tuesday to be with them for an indefinite period of time. I won’t have ready access to the internet for the time being, but I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to read over this Buddhist prayer, a particular favourite of mine, and send us hopeful, happy healing thoughts. Be well, all who pass this way.

Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
pour into the rivers, and join together in the oceans,
so may the power of every moment of your goodness
flow forth to awaken and heal all beings–
those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.

By the power of every moment of your goodness,
may your heart’s wishes be soon fulfilled
as completely shining as the bright full moon,
as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.

By the power of every moment of your goodness,
may all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.
May no obstacle come across your way.
May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

For all in whose heart dwells respect,
who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way,
may your life prosper in the four blessings
of old age, beauty, happiness and strength.


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