May 13, 2008 · easy now

I forgot my camera so I haven’t any real proof… but you have to believe me, today’s walk in the park was spectacular. Just me and my darling doggity and the lushness of the Earth in the full blush of spring. I have the sneaking suspicion that if you opened my veins right now and looked at my blood (which I would, you know, prefer you didn’t! Just thought I’d add that) you would find that it is sun dappled green, alive and fresh, smelling of sunlight and simple joy. And my dog… my darling Finnegan, I could not love her more than I do. She has brought me back to nature in so many ways, and for that I shall forever and always be grateful.

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May 5, 2008 · Design: Target Tribeca Filmmaker Lounge

Just thought I would share with you some of the work I did recently for The Target Tribeca Filmmaker Lounge for the Tribeca Film Festival. You can view an overview of the project and see a gallery of great pictures of the actual space here on BizBash.

Let me hasten to point out that my client, Daphne Shirley of ShirleyGirl, was the ultimate creative force behind this event venue. And when I say “force” I mean like a force of nature! How Daphne manages to coordinate and orchestrate all the elements of an event like this and still stay enthusiastic, personable and upright is beyond me! It is always her vision and her inspiration that guides me through projects like this and my esteem for her only grows with each project we tackle together!



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