April 29, 2008 · rain forest


I am tapped out. For the last three weeks I have been pretty much chained to my computer cranking it out as fast as I possibly can, working on custom graphics for the Target Tribeca Filmmakers Lounge (for the Tribeca Film Festival) and then the Target events at the NYC Grows Garden Festival (held this past weekend). In a matter of twenty days I have designed a couple of 90 foot tent backdrops, three different birdhouse shaped craft centers, lemonade cooler covers, signage of all sorts, wallpaper, vinyl record centers, lighting gobos, a series of movie star portraits (which worked out beyond my expectations… yay me… and made up a little bit for the few things that didn’t), and a million other little things which kinda escape me right now.

It was all rush rush rush and seven days a week and ten hours a day (minimum) and now it is not. I’m battling to regain my equilibrium as I always do after a big job like this. I am in that up and down period that always follows, feeling exuberant one moment and completely lifeless, utterly drained the next. By the end of the week, I’ll be back to normal. I know that. But in the meantime I tip too far one way, then too far the other, like a drunken lumberjack trying to negotiate a log jam. Just trying to roll with it.

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April 9, 2008 · bits and snackerels volume 1

• For whatever reason, I just can’t do audiobooks. I’ve tried. Most of the time, they kinda creepy me out. Or make me extra fidgety.
• There is a particular reddy-pink color that appears to be hot this season (from what I’ve been able to discern via very hurried window shopping on the way to my dentist’s office*, which happens to be housed in a mall) that I am rather enamoured with. It’s a deep rosy color, sort of muted, and looks particularly fine with olive tones. I have to get me some of that. I’ve already got lipstick in that exact shade. And I’m not normally the type to be able to coordinate these things, so I ought to make an effort to capitalize on the cosmetic (and cosmic!) synchronicity.
• From my kitchen window this afternoon, as I stood over the sink simultaneously stuffing down a muffin and mixing up Finny’s lunch, I noticed that the peony bushes I planted last spring are sprouting rhurbarb colored nubbins. O, Spring! you are really and truly on your way.
• They swept the streets of my neighborhood this morning with one of those really raucous machines. I am both amazed and dazzled by the difference it makes.
• There seems to be a sudden influx of chipmunks in the park these days. I find that even more dazzling then swept streets… on par, I think, with the rhubarb hued nubbins.
• That reddish-pink color I was trying to describe earlier? It could be accurately described as rhubarb hued too.
• I’ve been compulsively doodling carrots whilst (whilst!) on the phone these days. I don’t know what I that means. I usually doodle eyes or birds. I don’t know what doodling birds means. but I’ve heard that compulsive doodling of eyes means you’re psychotic.
• I’m not. Psychotic. Or at least I don’t think so. I am a bit peckish, however.
• My Wordpress spellcheck did not recognize the word peckish so I looked it up just to be sure I spelled it right. Merriam-Webster says it is “chiefly British”. That phrase (”chiefly British”, not “peckish”) describes a good third of my life. Although, peckish might well describe another third of my life.
• My Wordpress spellcheck does not recognize “Wordpress” either, which I find odd. It doesn’t recognize “snackerel” either, but I don’t find that strange. I think I made that word up. Either me or Winnie the Pooh.
• Winnie the Pooh authored a surprising number of really good words and phrases. And yes, I know that it was actually AA Milne (and later, the good folks at Disney) that authored Pooh’s words, but I prefer to think that Pooh came up with them instead. Or perhaps Rabbit, as Rabbit is quite scholarly and capable.
• Whenever my energy flags lately, I’ve been playing the Rockford Files Theme song to revive myself. I purchased it on iTunes a couple of months ago with the intention of burning it to CD and popping it into our alarm clock so that Johnny Snacks could wake to it. Because Holy Awesome Song To Wake to Batman! But I can’t take credit for that idea. My friend Fiona came up with it years and years ago. She was so right… it does really get you going. Particularly the folksy bit with the harmonica. Seriously, give it a listen sometime when you’re feeling sluggish**. It just makes you want to stride about, pumping your arms purposefully as if you’re swinging a briefcase or something.
• an embarrassing number of songs I’ve purchased lately have been used in Apple product commercials. Just once, I’d like it to be the other way around. I like to live under the illusion that I’m a trend setter, not merely an early adopter.
• I was talking to another woman in the park the other day, another everyday regular, and I thought she said that people have been spotting long haired owls in the last couple of weeks. I just realized about 10 seconds ago that she probably said long eared owls. But I think long haired owls would be way kewl, don’t you? I like think about long haired owls. Long haired owls as drawn by S.britt. I bet S.britt could do a long haired owl justice.

* O! Just in case you were wondering, I am gingivitus free!! My gums are all pink and loverly.

** Someday I will make a compilation called “Songs for the Sluggish” and it will become a part of the Time-Life Library and I will make fortunes. I’m really good at finding songs that will thwart most episodes of sluggishness. It’s one of my most under-utilized talents.

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April 6, 2008 · cheeky chickadee


Today, I charmed the birds out of the trees. Literally. Next step: training them how to help me get dressed in the morning and help me with household chores.

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April 4, 2008 · the Facts of Friday

• am enjoying the rain but not so much its affects on my ‘do. Or the mild hammer of a headache it’s creating in my temples.
• am oddly excited about new community composting program and am enjoying feeling extra virtuously eco-friendly. Kudos Halton Region
• am in midst of frenetically busy work period. Holy monkey I’ve gotta pile o’ work to do. But most of it is pretty fun stuff.
• have developed an addiction to Skor bars. One which may soon require intervention.
• found a broad patch of snowdrops in the park yesterday. Spring… it’s on its way, it really is!
• bought the prettiest book of peony stamps today. Was sad to have to use one on bill payment.
• am seriously in need of a good raincoat. A yeller one, or maybe a red one.
• am sleepy and wanting a nap. But probably won’t get one any time soon.
• am behind on the domestic scene. And correspondence. And just about everything except work… sigh.
• am still aware of the toast I burnt at lunchtime hanging in the air.
• am concerned about Gingivitis. More mine than yours.
• am anticipating a spring shopping spree for much required clothing items, but have no idea when I’m gonna get around to that.
• am going to get up and walk around the house for a couple of minutes as foot has fallen asleep and is all prickly and stuff
• am wishing for you the most lovely and relaxed of weekends, full of spring sunshine and dewy good stuff.

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April 2, 2008 · a mermaid!

have you ever wondered what a kid of mine would be like? Wonder no more. If I had a kid she would be exactly like the little girl who says ” a mermaid!” in this commercial. And if I had a second one? She would be exactly the one who says seahorse. yup.

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