January 15, 2008 · things are gonna get bettah

Yes! I AM alive! For schnizel! And waiting for client approval. and snurfling into kleenex. And thinking about rice krispie treats and whether or not the luster finish I told the print guy to laminate onto the signs I just finished for a big event in NYC was the right choice or not. Such is my life these days. And you wonder why I don’t share it more.

guess what I just discovered? I have just discovered the internet is full of mistakes. It’s true. Wanton misidentification out there peoples, trust me. Like we went to see the movie Juno on the weekend (it is fantastic! My favorite-est movie in years and years and quite possibly ever, but that could be just cinematic afterglow so ask me again in a couple of weeks) and have since been googling everyone involved and you would not believe how many times people are misidentified in the captions of tag-along film stills. Hello?! That is SO not Diablo Cody sitting there chatting to Ellen Page. That is clearly Olivia Thirlby sitting there. Diablo Cody is the screenwriter! not a cast member. Jeez Louise.

And also, on a fan site for Ellen Page, Arrested Development is misidentified as the British version of The Office. Hello?!! again. gah! My faith in the truthiness* of the internet has been completely shattered. yes, shattered! Eons ago, when I worked at the Calgary Public Library (as a designer/illustrator), my boss used to tell me all the time “70 percent of the information on the internet is false.” All the time, he told me that. And I didn’t believe him. I mean, I didn’t NOT believe him… I just didn’t think his statistics were entirely accurate or quantitative. But now? Now I think he just might be right.

Okay. So… yes, I’m feeling a bit random here. can you tell? Is it obvious? I’m all antsy with coffee and client anticipation. I hate sitting around and waiting for approval on stuff. Like, man! just tell me yes or no so I can get this stuff DONE already and get on with my wild, wild life**. The one in which I do nothing but snurfle into Kleenex, google Juno and walk my dog. And ignore my blog.

and I have been ignoring you. I’m awfully sorry about that. Really, I am. It’s just that 2008 has lurched off to a … rocky start. First I came down with the plague again. The same plague I had the first two weeks of December. But with less sinus infection. I blame the universe and recirculated airplane air. The husband also came down with the plague, but a different plague. A plague of a way different and possibly way worse stripe. A very mysterious plague from which he is still suffering. Two and a half weeks later. And none of that is fun or blog worthy. Just achingly pathetic and wearying.

And then I just got lost in a complete avalanche of work, an avalanche that I am just working my way to the top of now. In time to look out on the horizon and see the next avalanche trembling in the wings, ready to wipe me off the face of the map again. sigh. But it’s good. I find I get through these loathsomely grey days of January best if I just keep my head down and plug away, looking neither too much to the right or too much to the left. My strategy for surviving February tends to be much the same, but with more moaning and groaning. And that’s not really fun or blog worthy either.

And um… that’s pretty much it for now. I have to go walk my dog while I’ve still got a couple of free moments. I hope all is well in your worlds. I do. I hope your world is sunny and plague free and brimming with exciting things to talk about. And if not, well… go see Juno and buy yourself some tulips and kleenex and just hang on. Things are bound to improve soon. Right? right!

* how much do I love that truthiness is now a legitimate entry in the Merriam-Webster dictionary?! Much! Much much love.

** okay, really kinda regretting employing this phrase right now ‘cuz now I’ve got the Talking Heads’ version swinging through my head, repeating over and over and over and it’s a good tune,m yeah, but not so much the 1059th time, you know? Then it’s just crazy-making.

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