August 29, 2007 · mon grande chou


there was nothing “petite” about this baby, let me tell you**. The other day I discovere that there is a place in “my” park where they let out garden plots. And planted amongst the rows were these great stone blue cabbages, twinkling with dew. What marvellous things they are! They looked like they were made of stone, carved with deep almost monstrous veins. And yet there’s some amazing almost underwater delicacy to them too, the way they fan and curl. Wow. i’ll be back to check on their progress SOON!

•• for those of you not in the know, “mon petite chou” is a French term of endearment meaning “my little cabbage”.


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August 17, 2007 · easy now


This has been one weird up down and sideways sorta week. A lot of sad things have happened this week, not to me personally, but to people I admired (the death of comic artist Mike Wieringo, which I write about here on the Illustration Friday blog), friends, and total strangers on the news which have filled me with a heavy sadness that seemed to soak right to my bones.

And yet, oddly perhaps, this week has been full of quiet, triumphant joyful revelations about art and friendship and life and what it all means too. Sometimes those things just go together, i guess.

Today is crisp and cool and lovely. There is a hint of fall in the air, a promise of goodness to come. And a refrain from that old Eagles’ song keeps swinging thru my head… “I’ve got a peaceful, easy feeling / I know you won’t let me down/ because I’m already standing/ on the ground…”

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August 13, 2007 · fetch


Ah, Liz your wish is my command. Above, a picture of Finny J. in her element from earlier this summer. It’s a little blurry, but still one of my faves. Currently, she is sprawled in the doorway, patiently awaiting her walk.

I once again find myself having to apologize for the infrequent posts. sigh. I have sat down several times this past week, intending to update, but something always seems to intervene… a phonecall, someone at the door, some client emergency, or household thang that demands my presence. I’ve intentionally been spending more of my free time away from my computer, doing stuff like yoga or gardening, or elbow deep in my art. All of which is a good thing and which will eventually pay off here in terms of arty good posts, but in the meantime, I must plead for patience! This week looks to be busy again too, especially at the beginning, but I hope to post again before the end of the week. stay tuned!

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