June 26, 2007 · nudge


Finny J. giving me a not so subtle reminder that lunch is late. again. o, the horror.

My dog is a champion nudger. A premier poker. usually, these pokes are directed at my butt, her velvety black proboscis directed through the space between my chair seat and my chair back. If I don’t respond immediately, she will purposely bump my elbow, knocking my hand away from the mouse. If I happen to swivel toward her as I did here and don’t get up right away, she gives me a swift jab in the solar plexus and then dances out of reach, smiling and wagging her arse in that I’m-too-adorable-to-get-mad-at doe-eyed puppy way she’s mastered completely.

Lately she’s been nudging me to tuck her in for her after lunch nap. I have to go and smooth the bedspread for her, call her up and sit beside her, stroking her ears or her belly for a few minutes before I can go back to work in my studio across the hall or else the prodding begins. Nudge, nudge, POKE. nudge, dance, prance, wag. nudge nudge. wag. prance. poke.

I suppose this is one of those things I shouldn’t let her do. But she’s just sooooooo cute! And relentless.

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June 24, 2007 · gently curved


If it’s okay by you, I think I will just do a sort of photo blog for a while. June has been a whirlwind of activity, jammed with last minute to-dos and major have-tos, frazzled clients, a trip to NYC, and lots and lots of heavy duty creative thought. It’s all good, but babies… I feel like I could use three weeks to catch up to myself. I’m constantly surprised these days to catch a glimpse of my shadow right there behind me, attached to my heel like it always is. I feel like somehow it should be tagging back a week or two behind, scrambling to catch up. Do you know that feeling? Like there’s so much to tell you that I’m exhausted even before I begin. So I’m just going to begin here… with pictures. And maybe the words will follow.

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June 5, 2007 · catch me if you can


Awww. How cute is my doggity?! Too cute. Even wet and droolly and coated with pollen. Squeeee! I loves me doggy. I love yours too, you know. ‘Cuz doggies? Best things EVER. Evah. truly.

One thing about the photo above? The minute after I snapped it, I turned around and walked smack into some hidden hawthorn and promptly got a thorn the approximate dimensions of a golf tee embedded in my right thigh. Can you say ouch? I didn’t. I did say lots of other four-letter words though and hopped around like a maniac and bled and flapped my arms and stuff. I’m pretty sure it was karmic retribution for something or other, but I’m not sure what exactly. Also that morning, I was devoured by bat sized mosquitos and have essentially been scratching myself raw ever since. That was karmic retribution also, but I know EXACTLY what that was for. That was for thinking evil evil nasty thoughts about wrapping my husband up in an oversized oven mitt and dumping him on the roadside when he unexpectedly broke out in massive hives on the eve of his parents’ visit and then spent the next 48 hours making me absolutely insane with his whinging and scratching and whining and NOT SLEEPING which meant of course I did not sleep and did I mention that I was entertaining the in-laws at the time?! tis very hard to remain civil (and upright) when you are mucho sleep deprived and also entertaining the in-laws. But I managed. Although, apparently not well enough to avoid being visited by a swarm of murderous mosquitos.

But other than that, the visit went well. We went to see Hot Fuzz, by the guys who did Shaun of the Dead and that was most excellent. (My in-laws are v. British and are v. entertained by anything associated with the motherland). Also ate my weight in beef and french fries, which lead to a total weight gain of three lbs. during their brief visit. I am in serious South Beach mode now as a result and am very pleased to announce that I have since shed those three pounds plus one extra which I will promptly regain, no doubt, when we go to NYC next week and partake of the fabulous foodstuffs they have there. But oh well…

oops. lost my train of thought there. Where was I? oh yeah… Hot Fuzz and in-laws. The in-laws also suggested we watch Rome, but we couldn’t find it at the video store (quick aside: is it still called a video store even when it’s been years and years since we rented an actual VHS and not a DVD?!) so we ended up renting Hugh Grant in the form of Music & Lyrics which I enjoyed far more than I thought I would (which is to say I was expecting major candy-covered tripe. And it IS candy-covered, but it’s candy-covered Hugh so I won’t complain). And now, having rented and watched the first five episodes of Rome, can I just say thank you Blockbuster. You saved me a night of major squirminess. ‘Cuz Rome? Is chock-a-block with naked breasts and dangling phalluses and pubic shots and sexual whatnot and though in theory, all these things are plenty okay in my book, they are not things that should be viewed whilst snuggled in with the in-laws. You know?

And anyone who watched Rome: Have you also noticed the Polly Walker’s character (Atia of the Julii) is like a slightly more incestuous and villianous version of Julie Cooper on the now defunct O.C?!! Johnny SkinSoSoft and I CANNOT stop commenting on the similarities. It’s uncanny.

And um… okay, other than that? Just work. work, work and more work. It’s been kind of a blurry couple of months around here and I hope I’m getting to the end of it soon. I need a break! I’m feeling sorta dull witted and worn. Thus the complete dearth of posting of late. At the end of the day, I just don’t want to spend another minute in front of my computer. you know? I wish I had the courage to take an out and out sabbatical from the internets. But no … I’d rather hover in that nether world, plagued by the guilt of all that I am ignoring in the blogosphere. sigh.

I’m not sure June is going to be much better blog-wise. There’s the NYC trip and all of that, with all the inevitable rush-rush beforehand and the catch-up after (note to self: Go get some cute and comfortable walking shoes tommorrow. Emphasis on the comfortable. In fact, forget the cute. Focus on the comfort. You will thank me for this later) and I really want to devote some time to personal work too. But I will try to be more present than I was in May. I really will! Wish me luck!

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