March 29, 2006 · The Broken Leg Chronicles: Spring Break

well… there’s been a reason for the lack of updatey-ness. Last Thursday, Finny J. broke her leg. Yup. Of course, we didn’t realize it was actually broken until the next day when we took her in to get x-rayed and stuff. And they wound up putting her in a splint that goes from the tips of her toes to her shoulder. Of course, all that didn’t prevent her from leaping around like a gazelle and attempting to engage everyone and everything in her path in play…

I’ll know more tommorrow when we take her in for a re-check, but it looks like 6 to 8 weeks of total inactivity for the wolf. woe. We’ve relocated our bedroom to the living room (took the mattress off the frame and set it up downstairs) so we’ve got this hotel chic thing going on downstairs. May seem like drastic measures to some, but these are the things you do for love. Finn sleeps with us on our bed, but there was no way Johnny Muscles could carry 70 lb. of woeful furriness up and down every night without risking injury to one of them and no way I can begin to lift Finny on my own, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway with her downstairs all lonesome and injured and we have to watch to make sure she doesn’t chew off her cast.

So… we’re camping out in the living room. I also moved my drawing table downstairs and that’s all good… but I didn’t want to go thru the hassle of moving my entire computer system downstairs. This is why I just haven’t been around much. Finny sits at the bottom of the stairs and cries (pitiful injured doggie whimpers that magical turn to joyful wiggles and grunts when I come back down) if I’m up here too long (she’s used to following me everywhere) and that just breaks my heart. I mean, when you’re faced with an injured lovepuppy who wants nothing more than to spend every moment of the day in your company, well… you kinda cave in to her every whim. Or at least that’s what i do. This is why I will never take on one of those dog breeds you have to show who’s boss… you know, like a rottweiler or a husky or a doberman or a pit bull or any of those breeds that have any guard dog potential whatsoever. Because I’m a marshmallow and my leadership skills suck. And Johnny Malleable is no better. Fortunately, Flat-Coated Retrievers don’t take too much advantage of that… I mean, they don’t take that as a sign that they can you know, like EAT you or anything. Just twist you around their little paws and worm more goodies out of you.

So, I’ve been limiting my computer time to evenings only and then just for bizness. And you know what? turns out that that’s not such a bad thing for me right now. I’m much more productive and it’s a refreshing change of pace. I realize now I let myself become totally enslaved to this machine and that’s not a good thing. Balance, people. It’s not easy to achieve. Sometimes it takes things like broken woofie legs to make you reevaluate the way you are doing things.

So, we’re working out a new routine and we’re all in adjustment mode, but I think it’ll all work out.

just have to get the wolf mended completely and we’ll be all good!

P.S. man, this picture makes me too sad. I was going to apologize for the quality and promise better ones, but now I’m thinking I might have to post more photos of her pre-injury ‘cuz I just can’t take it. How mournful is that look?!!

And to everyone I owe e-mail, I’m sorry! I really will reply soon!!

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March 16, 2006 · Bring on the blossoms

So, as of yet, there are no blossoms on the trees round these parts. but they’re coming. The two fat little bluebirds I was stalking on my morning walk yesterday told me so. {Note to Self: next time you go Bluebird stalking, leave Finny J. at home. The bluebirds? Not so comfortable around the wolf. And the wolf? Apparently not very good at walking on her tiptoes.} I am currently completely enamoured of bluebirds. They are so cheerful looking! And blue! With peach tinted breasts and bright shoe button eyes. I would have loved to post a sketch of them, but alas… no time for the sketching of bluebirds or anything not comic related. So you’ll have to make due with some apple blossoms from last spring. sigh. Some day I’ll write a real entry that’s longer than a paragraph. Really!

Other animals spied recently: 9 gazillion white tailed deer, four rabbits (almost stepped on one of them), innumerable black capped chickadees, several Red Winged Black Birds, two coyotes, four Blue Jays and five Scarlet Tanagers, two Red-Headed Woodpeckers and one very noisome and productive Pileated Woodpecker and dozens and dozens of huge and hungry Red-Tailed Hawks. Plus two dead meadow voles.

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March 14, 2006 · Tuneful Tuesdays: Island in the Sun

Man, Tuesdays roll around fast! and frequently! A little too frequently. And I’m kinda shorting out on this Tuneful Tuesday thing I started. So, to that end, i will post one more playlist this week, rounding the Tuneful Tuesday thing to a nice even package of four and then from here on out, I’ll just pop one in when the mood strikes. Here and there, willy-nilly. Okay? Okay!

So… my previous playlists have had a bit of a nostalgic feel to them. But in fact, I do listen to new music. I try to stay somewhat current (I realize that not all of these are brand spanky new…wait – are any of these brand spanky new?!… but I do not always like that which is brand spanky new). I’ve noticed lately that the songs I’m in danger of playing to death all have a similar mood and I realized that, really, when it comes right down to it, my daily aim is to be right in the cozy pocket of that mood. It’s a sort of optimistic space, not too manic, but not too mopey either. A lop-sided half a smile rather than an all-out, toothsome and mega-watt grin or a corners-down frown (because walking around with an all-out toothsome grin plastered to your face day in day out is frightening and makes you look simple besides and perma-frowning gives ya wrinkles). Somedays, I’m more successful than others. I will note, however, it’s an easier space to get into when contemplating the sunshiny center of a tulip.

The Playlist

1) Let Go by Frou Frou
2) If You Fall by Azure Ray
3) A Lack of Color by Deathcab for Cutie
4) World Spins Madly On by The Weepies
5) Cartwheels by Reindeer Section
6) Late by Ben Folds
7) When You Wake Up Feeling Old by Wilco
8) She’s Only Happy in the Sun by Ben Harper
9) Caring is Creepy by The Shins
10) Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
11) Island in the Sun by Weezer
12) Parklife by Blur
13) Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes
14) Twin Cinema by The New Pornographers
15) Caramel By Suzanne Vega

A question for you: When I view this in my regular browser (Safari), all the images look crisp and vibrant and the colors really pop. But when I view this same site in Internet Explorer, all the colours look kind of washed out, lighter than they are suppose to. I was just wondering, how does it look to you in your browser? are the colours vibrant? And what browser are you viewing in?!

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March 13, 2006 · the color purple

Generally, I’m not big on the colour purple. It is probably my least favourite colour in the spectrum. Which is why I probably end up working with it more often than any other colour when I’m doing design. Murphy’s Law dictates that most of my design clients must inevitably have purple as their signature colour. That’s just the way it goes. But, really, who can resist purple in the form of Lisianthus? I love the way these unfurl, a tender untwisting like an umbrella unfolding, twirling to reveal impossibly vivid, sweetly ruffled skirts. These were from the local farmers’ market which won’t open up again until May. I wonder if I could grown them myself? Hmmm… something to think about.

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March 10, 2006 · Think Pink

So… busy!! This may become a bit of a photoblog for a while as i kick it into high gear on the comic book front. Lots of drawing ahead of me. It’s a grey, blustery and rainy day so to combat that, i thought I’d post some pinkness in posie form. Behold my orchid. I love orchids. I love flowers period. It is my biggest indulgence… I always have fresh flowers in the house. And I always take a billion pictures of each new bouquet. So in lieu of blossoms in my landscape, i thought i’d post some my flowers photos from past months, including these which currently reside in my bay window in the living room. Though I’ve never been able to get my orchids to rebloom like my mom does, they are nonetheless quite the bargain. Their blooms last for weeks. So sculptural, so pretty! I’m rather enamoured of how tulipy and fluted and just plain amazing these look from behind, and the way they sort of nuzzle against each other, pink and intimate. yum.

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March 8, 2006 · diversions

Believe it or not, the illo to the left and the illo up above are based on the same drawing (the romantic Secret Garden sketch a couple posts ago.) This is the magic of photoshop… when you get bored working in one mood, you can radically alter it with a few well-placed clicks of the mouse and a different colour palette. There’s been a delay with the comic book (a new story line which I should get today), so to keep my head in the right space, i started goofing around with the Mary Lennox sketch I’d done earlier, experimenting with new techniques. It’s not done yet, but as i was in the process i started thinking about how it really bugs me that her right arm sorta vanishes off the edge of the page and if I was going to put all this effort into this illustration, shouldn’t I at least make sure i was pleased with the underdrawing? Um, yeah. But I didn’t really feel like redrawing it at that time, so I just started messing around and out popped the screaming red image above.

All I’m gonna tell you about the above image is that it’s based on an old horror film (one we watched on DVD recently). Can you guess what movie it’s based on? I’ll give you three guesses and my undying devoution if you get it right….

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March 7, 2006 · Tuneful Tuesdays: Swan Songs

You know those moods, those days when you are kind of somber and sort of sad, but in a bittersweet way and not because of any real tragedy or event? The kind of mood you just sort of sink into, that feels somehow soothing and sleepy and yet uneasy? These are the songs that inevitably tie me to that kind of mood.

These are not tied to any particular memory or anything, not really, but alot of them have a deep nostalgia for me, being artists that my parents listened to endlessly when I was growing up: James Taylor, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Cat Stevens. Artists that I loved, then ‘lost’ to adolescence and then found again as an adult. Amazing how your parents can shape your musical tastes. Some Soulful Songs, Swan Songs…

1) Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning by the Cowboy Junkies
2) Song for a Winter’s Night by Sarah Mclachlan
3) Try by Blue Rodeo
4) My Little Town by Paul Simon
5) Wild World by Cat Stevens
6) Peace Train by Cat Stevens
7) Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine
8) Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor
9) Jane by Barenaked Ladies
10) Let it Be by The Beatles
11) Maybe by Alison Krauss
12) November by Azure Ray
13) St.Swithin’s Day by Billy Bragg
14) Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith
15) I’ve Tried Everything by Eurythmics

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March 3, 2006 · Hurry Hard

I do not feel even remotely spring like today. Not one iota. And I don’t think Finny J. does either, though likely if I made for her leash right now, she’d be more than happy to prance and dance up evidence to the contrary. And though the sun is shining bright and there is no snow anywhere to be seen and hasn’t been for quite some time, there are certainly no budding leaves and blossoms embroidering the edges of the muddy brown landscape. In fact, if I’m honest… I feel throughly hung over today, although I’ve had nothing alcoholic to drink in weeks. Tired and bleary and completely uninspired.

But… one can always dream. Dream of spring bulbs and breezy afternoons full of birdsong. Hurry, Spring! Hurry hard!

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March 2, 2006 · money isn’t everything

I got a check from one of my favourite clients (based out of NYC) in the mail yesterday, and while money is great and fun and required and all that, man… I think I might just start working for stamps. Specifically the Favorite Children’s Books Stamps! Oliva! George! Fox in Socks! The Hungry Caterpillar! Wilbur! And most especially… Moishe from Where The Wild Things Are! Love, love!!!!! And look… the postal mark makes it look like Wilbur is deep sea diving while Moishe thinks about ham sandwiches! Swim, Wilbur, swim! (urp. I think I used up like a month’s worth of exclaimation marks in this post alone.)

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