December 31, 2005 · Happy 2006

Well, looks like you made it! How was the journey over? The directions? They were clear enough? Oh, good. Well, Ta-DAH!!! Here we are. My new home. Some of the stuff is still in boxes, I haven’t yet hung the curtains or added in all the links, and it doesn’t quite have that homey lived-in feel yet, but it’s nice, No? You like it? I love it! Great neighbourhood… friendly but not too friendly, you know? Just friendly enough! So here’s to a whole new start. Here’s to 2006. Here’s to you having the best year ever, and realizing your every bliss. Well, almost. You always need something to strive for, you know? At least, that’s my feeling. so here’s to a nearly perfect (but not quite) year full of love, laughter and joy… health, wealth and good fortune! And thanks for visiting! Come again soon! Cheers!

P.S. I just have to add that this blog may look a little wonky in your browser. It looks great in Safari but I know the banner at the top is not showing up in Internet Explorer. We’re still tinkering and testing and we’ll get there soon! If you can let me know whether you can see the banner up top and what browser you are using, I’d really appreciate it!

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December 29, 2005 · Post the Second

This time, as I sit here typity typing, it is my fingers which are as icy as something which is very icy. The toes are blissfully toasty this time round. I’ve ruminated no further on the whole “Wee” thing. I had other things to do… other things like toasting up my toes, eating flaky croissants, ironing my new duvet cover and making up the bed (then immediately covering it over so as to prevent Sinister Finnister from shedding all over the crispy newness as she gnawed on her “Postal Plaything” ) and lounging in the tub, immersed in bubblity bubbles. Really, I have nothing new to post, it’s just that I’m really grooving on the multi-post thing. It’s so much fun! Somehow it takes the pressure off, knowing you can cobble together quick little bites and not have to prepare, plan and then execute a full course meal. And you know, they do say “grazing” is the healthiest approach to eating… mini-meals and snacks.

Also, I have to confess… I’m kind of digging the fact that as I type in this entry, you my darling and most beloved of regular readers, are blissfully unaware that I am back in the saddle and posting again. (Although, to be sure, I have no idea how truly blissful your unawareness is!) It makes me feel deliciously sneaky and sly. It’s kinda like calling in sick and then spending the whole day lolling about eating cupcakes and reading trashy magazines whilst (whilst!) wagging your feet in the air so as to encourage your fushia painted toenails to dry faster. (Not that I have ever done anything of the sort!) Don’t worry… I’ll unveil this properly soon. Still fiddling a bit, still adapting to the new interface and such. I want to try to figure out how to nest a little photo in the body of the text here, all fancy like. I’ve seen some of you do it to dazzling effect and would like muchly to do it myself. Hmmm… maybe I shall go thieve some code.

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 · Post The First… wee musings

Hmmbles. (note that this is no error. I actually mean hmmbles. Which is much like humbles, but with less “hum” and more “hmmm”.) So, here I am, trying to thaw my feet which are icy as…as… um, things which are very icy indeed… finishing the last dregs of my coffee, and contemplating the “Wee” thing. It’s an all new blog, an all new day so to speak, shouldn’t I also adopt an all new moniker?! Like maybe my real one?

It’s a dilemma. See, on one hand, I truly want to distinquish this blog from my old one. And as it is attached under my new domain name featuring my whole name (well, not the middle one. Which is Griselda Morose by the way. Really. It is. Really!**), it would seem to make more sense to drop the “Wee” and go with the “Melanie”, would it not? But I like Wee. I really, really do. It’s snappy. And it suits me. And it has multiple meanings, some of them to do with urine, but most of them to do with smallness. And I like things which are small. I, myself, am not very big. Lengthwise anyway. Widthwise… welll, let’s just say i’m pretty certain though I have no hard and fast evidence of it (being much too afraid to climb on the scale and look) that the width… the girth! is much increased what with the Copious Christmas Consumption of All Things Carbolicious and whatnot. But in general, I’m one of those people you would shove over into the Small Category as you amble swiftly on your enviably long, long legs to the Tall Category at the back of the line where all the cool kids hang. So, you know, there’s that.

But mostly, I’m extra very attached to “Wee” because it’s the first real nickname I’ve ever had, pretty much. And I always wanted a nickname. Something more fanciful than “Mel”. My dad used to call me “MonkeyMouse” when I was a kid because I was always scaling furniture and people and buildings and such, but had sorta mouse-like dimensions. And whiskers. Oh, yes, I had whiskers. Lovely long white twitchy ones.** And pink ears. But no one other than my dad ever really called me “MonkeyMouse.” My brother calls me “Munch” (short for Munchkin) still. I call him “Herb” even though his name is Scott. But those nicknames again are mutually exclusive and no one else ever uses them. So “Wee” has for all intents and purposes been my first real nickname. And I’m particularly attached to it.

So, I dunno. Gonna have some more coffee and think on it awhile. Feel free to register your two cents worth!

** okay, so um… truthfully? Well, maybe not so much.

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December 28, 2005 · Brand Spanking New

Well, folks. Here we are at last, in the shining newness of 2006. And what could be more appropriate to greet the new year than all new blog environment? I’m still working out the kinks, playing and fiddling.

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