October 17, 2007 · windchimes and oceans


I swear to you, I’m not trying to sell you uber-fancy alarm clocks or anything. I just really really want this clock. Specifically, I want the nature sounds this clock makes. Not all of them (there are four I think)… just the ocean one and the windchime one. I want those really, really bad. I’m a little obsessed about it actually.

Last week, Johnny LikeSoundsToo and I spent two luxurious nights at this very fabulous little inn, The Harbour House Hotel, in Niagara-On-the-Lake. It was wonderful… wonderful!… and I took 90 gazillion pictures and I will show you some, I really will, but I have to download the other 360 gazillion photos I currently have on my computer before I can upload the 90 gazillion Niagara-On-the-Lake ones and I haven’t had a chance to do that yet. On the bedside tables, they had these deluxe clocks and those sounds… the windchimes and the ocean… o, I loved them. The windchime one makes me feel deliciously goose-fleshed … like something enchanting and unexpected is about to happen. And the ocean sounds? Well, they made me feel all seaside and serene. A pretty good way to feel. Of course it was all in enhanced by the Harbour House decor, but still… I pretty sure I could recapture that feeling at home if only I had this clock. Or more specifically, those sounds. Those EXACT sounds (I’ll except no substitutes).


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July 30, 2007 · Alfie


This is Alfie. Alfie’s picture made me snarf coffee out my nose and all over my screen. You know, in a good way. If Alfie didn’t live in England and the Handsome Guy wasn’t so incredibly allergic to cats and the woofie desperately afraid of cats (and thunder), I would totally sneak into that garden and nab him. Totally. dude!

So be warned, Alfie’s owner (Posy)! Your cat is incredible nabbable (is that a word even?!) I am coveting him from afar.

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