March 4, 2009 · i heart: bubbles trapped in ice


up above: photo composite from my latest obsession, photographing bubbles trapped in ice. And my latest Flickr Faves as we move into Spring and I yearn for pops of color and blossoms. Am once again completely and utterly swamped with work and stuff. send cupcakes.

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February 10, 2009 · Accidental Art: a series


I meant to post something different today, but is dark and wet and grey today and there is not enough light for me to get a good photo of that particular something (actually somethings with the mysterious and enticing s on the end). So instead, I’ll post the first of a series I’m starting for my own amusement: Accidental Art.

These are shots of my paint splattered drawing table. It’s an ever changing tableau of smears and drips and I noticed the other day that these “accidents” are often more evocative and beautiful then my intentional art. I guess that that statement of fact is kind of sad, but instead I chose to be glad that I have the power to spot the happy accidents and see the beauty in them. (woo hoo. Look at me being all Pollyanna and stuff! Take that February blahs!!)

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