February 11, 2008 · auspicious directions


I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m not particularly looking forward to going out there this morning. It is bright and shining, but oh my word, so so frosty! With 70 km/hr wind gusts and a windchill of -29 degrees or something ridiculous. Ouch.

I’d much rather stay indoors and obsess about feng shui which is what I’ve been doing for much of the weekends. I borrowed a couple of books from the library about Chinese Feng Shui last week and I’ve mapped out the whole house. I am eternally grateful that Johnny WestGroup and I have the exact same Kua number even though we were born in different years. This means we have the same auspicious directions and makes this whole feng shui thing much easier. I think my head would have exploded by now if our auspicious directions had been different because this feng shui thing? Holy confusing Batman! But the thing that thrills me most is that even though Finny J.’s Kua number is different from ours, her directions are exactly the same! How fortuitous is that?! How often does THAT happen, that all the members of the household have the same auspicious directions?

So that’s the good news. The bad news? Those four auspicious directions are the four most neglected corners of our house. Oy! Balance must be restored forthwith!

I’m in the process of decluttering and I’ve got to say, it’s kinda painful. I’m not really a material girl, so how is it I’ve accumulated so much junk that I’m ridiculously attached to for no apparent reason? sigh. I suspect this is gonna be a long process… but already the house is starting to feel lighter, brighter, better.

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December 19, 2007 · cheers to another year


Behold! The Birthday Bird whom my darling husband enticed into leaving Jonathan Adler and coming to roost at our place in time for my birthday and in time to capitalize on the peacock inspired color scheme that is currently obsessing me.

Yup, tis my birthday today and though it has just started, I’m already feeling all warm and tingly with all the loving greetings that filled my inbox this morning. Thank you, my friends. You are the best. You make me feel rich.

What do I hope for this year? More. More love, more friendship, more moments of complete gratitude and peace spent with my darling doggitty and my dearest husband. I hope to build on the foundation I began to erect in 2007, to move with confidence and enthusiasm onto fresh challenges. I hope push my creativity to new and higher realms, I hope to wake every day, feeling light and well and loved, knowing those I love best are happy and healthy. I hope for laughter, for more days like my snowbound Sunday. I hope for the best.

And I hope for you all those things too.

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December 17, 2007 · o, the weather outside is frightful…


truth be told, my friends, I have been feeling rather Grinchly. As cuddly as a cactus, As charming as an eel… my heart an empty hole. My brain was full of spiders, I had garlic in my soul… Mrs. Grinch.

I was not at all my usual bright and beamy self. Things kept going wrong, I was bumped all out of alignment, heavy and sad and Christmas? was coming upon me like a great rumbling garbage truck full of muck and gunk. I was so not prepared.

and then we got snowed in on Sunday.

and it was the best, most delightful thing that happened to me in a long long time. First thing, we bundled up and took a family waddle up the snow choked street, the snow coming down so fast and furious we could barely make out the houses around us. Down to the little park at the end of our street we went, dropping to make snow angels and watch Finny gnaw merrily on a stick. We waddled back, waving at neighbours, home to steaming mugs of coffee. I whipped up a batch of butter tarts and we ate them warm, savouring every bite, me breaking of little bits of pastry to feed to the drooling woof. We lounged around in our long underwear, listening to a John Mayer concert on the radio. I made up the bedroom for Christmas, adding berry red pillowcases and a merry little wreath (pictured above), listening to my neighbours, recently transplanted from New Zealand, toss their two year old into the snowbanks in their backyard. Katie would land with a pillowy thump and a rippling peel of giggles would ring out, again and again. The snow continued to hurry down for hours, about two and a half feet of frosty icing when all was said and done. A long winter’s nap, a hot bath scented with a new essential oil blend (orange, cinnamon, and spruce) I just purchased from my yoga instructor, aptly called Christmas Spirit. Lolling on the bed with Finn and two new magazines, another stroll around the block. A couple of hours spent painting, leisurely and free. Fresh mushroom soup and hot buttery bread for dinner, capped off with jasmine tea and gingerbread flavored Snowballs, a last minute purchase from the liquor store the night before. Candlelight.

And I’m merry and bright, fresh again.

Fa la la la la… la la la la!

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